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Let us be your partner in premium education innovation. At OptimaEd, we combine our staff’s world-class educational development experience with forward thinking technology adoption to provide you with innovative solutions to support your classroom offerings.

OptimaEd provides unmatched curricula and educational tools using virtual reality (VR). These offerings include accredited and standards-aligned coursework, supplemental materials, VR field trips, 3D tools, professional development, master teachers and more. OptimaEd’s offerings currently serve all core subject areas, grades K-9.

Our Products and Services

Accredited Coursework

We offer Cognia accredited coursework for all subjects grades K-9 with virtual reality online schooling options for grades 3-8. All coursework is delivered through the Canvas LMS. Click Here to view our full course catalogue.

Professional Development

Optima’s Onboarding and Best Practices in VR Instruction Courses are offered both synchronous and asynchronous. Our goal is to make sure your teachers are set up for success.

Headset and Management

We offer purchase options and management support for Oculus Quest 2 headsets. This includes installation of instruction delivery software, setup, technical support and remote management.

Existing Course Content Elevation

Ready to take your existing curriculum to the next level? OptimaEd provides white labeling services where we can integrate virtual reality learning into your already existing curriculum, enhancing your classroom content with easy innovation adoption.

Virtual Reality Expeditions

OptimaEd has ‘hacked’ time and space—harnessing the power of virtual reality to make previously impossible field trip experiences just a few clicks away. Our virtual reality expeditions are a powerful way of engaging students on a whole new level while providing learning experiences that help students see the relevance of what they are studying.

Library of Locations and IFX

Ancient Rome, Egypt, Independence Hall, Rocket Launching Pad and more, with this service get access to OptimaEd’s 200+ virtual reality locations and IFX [location tools and enhancers] for elevated learning environments. We provide the space, you supply the excellent instruction delivered in your preferred method.

About OptimaEd

At OptimaEd, we are dedicated to being a force for innovative change within education systems. Our selection of virtual reality-based educational environments represent opportunities previous generations couldn’t possibly imagine. Our management, curriculum, counseling, and training divisions provide resources to ensure these delivery systems are administered and managed by highly qualified, competent, and experienced teams. This complement of specialized branches has allowed us to develop offerings, tools, and resources that are second to none.

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