Classic/Traditional Public Schools

(Grade range varies by location)

Optima Academies are traditional, brick-and-mortar public charter schools delivering a scholarly environment, a classical education model, and a time-tested liberal arts and sciences curriculum for grades K to 12. They are tuition-free and privately managed under contract with their local school districts and are open to all children regardless of income or zip code.

Each academy’s faculty delivers a content-rich rigorous curriculum using traditional classroom instruction and teaching methods. Uniforms are worn in a scholarly environment, ensuring that training students’ hearts and minds remain the focus of each school day.

Current and Announced Academy Locations:

Jacksonville Classical Academy East, Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville Classical Academy, Jacksonville, FL Treasure Coast Classical Academy, Stuart, FL Naples Classical Academy, Naples, FL Estero Classical Academy, Estero, FL (Targeted Opening, 2023) Palms Classical Academy, Lee County, FL (Targeted Opening, 2024)

A Classical Curriculum Delivered by Virtual Reality

OptimaEd offers virtual learning programs for charter school scholars and an independent school option that is open to scholars not only nationwide, but worldwide as well. Optima Classical Academy and The Optima School have many instructional methods and features in common that include:

• Live instruction – VR Headsets Provided

• Full-time or the Part-time OPTI single courses

• Daily VR Instruction & Engagement with other students

• Foreign Languages, Art, Music, PE and Clubs

• The option to be used for homeschooled students

VR classrooms remove the loneliness of virtual school while increasing student engagement, retention, and better academic results. VR delivery provides unique experiences like visiting outer space, studying biology from inside a human cell, exploring ancient civilizations, and hearing from historical figures like Aristotle and Abraham Lincoln.