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Like most new businesses, a primary reason new schools fail is poor management and governance. Our Management Services Team provides overall operational management, handling Charter Compliance, Financial Management, and IT support to schools anywhere in the country. This service allows you to focus on the business of education. How smart is that?


Optima Management Services serves charter school founding boards by providing application preparation support, market analysis, board development, and recruitment and training of school leaders and staff. We also offer facility planning, financing, and build-out management. We prepare policies and procedures, provide compliance oversight for contracts and regulations, and manage public and government relations. We also prepare marketing tools for community outreach programs and social media, and execute student recruitment and enrollment plans.


We serve new and existing governing boards by overseeing the schools’ business, financial, legal, and operational functions. This includes fiscal management, budgeting, compliance, facility maintenance, human resources, student recruitment and enrollment, marketing, community outreach, and IT support. Your school’s partnership with us and the resulting oversight structure allows the principal and their team to focus on academic instruction and student success. They can do so secure in the knowledge that the business side of the school is being handled by seasoned finance and operations professionals.


We provide additional support through:

Accreditation Support



Diversity-By-Design Initiatives


Charter Amendments and Renewals

Facility Expansion


IT Services

Human Resources 

Financial Services

School Management

Want to start school?

Want to start school?