A Passionate Partner of Education.

OptimaEd is an Education Experience Company. As you scan the array of components offered by OptimaEd, you will see the variety and focus we bring as a resource to the Education Community. Every aspect of the education profession is represented—from the educational facilities themselves to curriculum, tools, delivery systems, management services, training, and more, demonstrating our passion and commitment to quality academics.

Refining and improving our education systems and infrastructure should be among the top priorities of any society. At OptimaEd, we are dedicated to being a force for innovative change within these systems. Our selection of private, public, and virtual reality-based educational environments represent opportunities previous generations couldn’t possibly imagine. Our management, curriculum, counseling, and training divisions provide resources to ensure these delivery systems are administered and managed by highly qualified, competent, and experienced teams. This complement of specialized branches has allowed us to develop offerings, tools, and resources that are second to none.

Our goal is to provide a classical education in modern, efficient, and exciting ways—every single day.

“Our children deserve nothing less”.


Founder and Chief Executive Officer

As a mother of three, I understand it’s critical to give parents the power to select the optimal academic environment for every child. OptimaEd focuses on creating excellent education experiences and increasing high quality options for students and their families. Our organization is founded on core principles – including integrity, professionalism, and service. We seek to be a valuable resource for the education community as a forward-thinking force for the innovation and refinement of our tools. Optima uses time-tested methods to prepare students to think critically and to equip them to confront the inevitable challenges all generations must face. Most importantly, we are committed to bringing knowledge and virtue to every student we serve. I hope you will join us! 

As a proud father of two children who are being raised on a farm in rural Mississippi, I am committed to making a world-class education accessible. At OptimaEd we’re excited to provide a pathway for our school partners to experience the wonder and value of the metaverse as a learning tool. We have developed solutions that are focused on saving our clients time or money with our highly engaging virtual products. Whether it be our Professional Development offerings, solving teacher shortage issues with our Opti Courses virtual instruction solution or saving time and money for large school districts with Optima Imaginare, our virtual field trips, OptimaEd is the only accredited virtual reality educational entity in the U.S. Let us know how we can help you.  

Chief Product Officer