Taking Students to Places
No Other Technology Can.


The Student Just Took A Giant Step Forward.

Remember that field trip in grade school when you visited ancient Alexandria and learned about Pythagoras? Or when you went to Algeria to learn how Fibonacci discovered Arabic numerals? Or when you went to the Moon? No? Of course, you don’t. Because, until now, field trips were limited to where you could physically travel by land or air.

Optima Imaginare has changed all that. We have ‘hacked’ time and space—harnessing the power of virtual reality to make previously impossible field trip experiences just a few clicks away.

Our virtual field trips are a powerful way of engaging students on a whole new level while providing learning experiences that help students see the relevance of what they are studying. They can appreciate their importance firsthand by traveling to times and places where key human events happened, or advances were discovered or invented. This capability improves a student’s understanding and taps into new ways of keeping students engaged, focused, and motivated. Because education is more than just transferring knowledge, it ideally requires a more immersive experience—one that was previously untapped—that is now at students’ fingertips.

A Completely Virtual Experience: 

From Permission Slips to Scrapbook Pics.

From the moment students embark on these virtual experiences, everything changes. The experience itself, and even ‘photos’ of what they see and where they venture, can be captured with screenshots in VR. Yes, the nostalgia of ‘scrapbook’ pics of their field trip is still possible and preserved.

Without any traveling time, students can immerse themselves in times and places that build an understanding and appreciation of noteworthy concepts like never before.

Students can travel back in time to experience the grandeur of Ancient Rome, consult with President Kennedy as he navigates the Cuban Missile Crisis, or even travel to Norway to experience the Northern Lights. Your students are ‘there’, fully present, and wholly engaged.

An easy-to-use user interface and user design are essential elements of our experience. We assure all students and teachers easy access to the content, keeping the learning experience a priorit y and very user-friendly.

A Surprising Value For A Program

Where The Sky (and the moon) Is The Limit.

Value is far more than just dollars and cents, and it needs to be weighed by results. As the data from our pilot program illustrates, Optima Imaginare performs in crucial areas like learning mastery and concept retention. In short, it works—delivering the measurable metrics responsible educators insist on while providing indelible, memorable learning experiences students will remember for a lifetime.

Each adventure corresponds to a specific curriculum-based concept.
Here are just a few of the experiences your students will enjoy:

Going to Algeria: Discover Arabic numerals with Fibonacci

Time Period: Ancient

  • The House of Wisdom in Baghdad: Meeting Al-Kwarizhmi and learning the origins of algebra
  • Ancient Alexandria: Traveling with Pythagoras back to the place he learned about math
  • Going to Algeria: Discover Arabic numerals with Fibonacci

Time Period: Age of Enlightenment

  • The Konigsberg bridges: The beginning of modern graph theory
  • Flatland: Traveling to Edwin A. Abbott’s strange geometrical land 
  • Programming computers with Ada Lovelace: A steampunk logic adventure

Time Period: Modern Era

  • Ethiopian coffee traders: The first computer scientists
  • The Fractal Forest: Finding fractal geometry in nature, computers, and the imagination
  • What shape are galaxies? A brief geometrical tour of the universe
  • The Cuban Missile Crisis: Join the US Naval Quarantine to learn about game theory

Investment Levels

Annual subscription per headset is included in all levels

Navigator Investment Level

Unlimited Asynchronous Expeditions

Explorer Investment Level

Unlimited Asynchronous Expeditions
& Teacher Training

Pioneer Investment Level

Unlimited Asynchronous Expeditions,
Teacher Training
& 5 Custom
Asynchronous Expeditions

Trailblazer Investment Level

Unlimited Asynchronous Expeditions,
Teacher Training
& 5 Custom
Guided Expeditions