Welcome to our Microschool Program

Are you ready to take a more active role in providing quality school choice options to your community? Do you recognize that parents are increasingly dissatisfied with schools and concerned about the values being taught there? Would you like a simple, affordable, plug-and-play solution for these families?


What is a Microschool? 

Microschools are small K-12 schools that serve anywhere from 5-150 students. These schools tend to be more personalized towards the needs of students and families within a particular community. Microschools gained popularity in recent years as parents became more aware of and dissatisfied with traditional public and private school options. Many have sought an academic program more aligned with their values where parents’ input and involvement are welcomed.

Starting a Microschool has never been easier, powered by OptimaEd’s free and low-cost curriculum, teachers, and support.

What are the benefits of
starting a Microschool?

• Students receive more individualized attention
• Low maintenance
• Low cost
• Minimal time to open
• Customizable towards your community’s needs
• Ability to teach your values
• Reconnects students to their community

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