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[Naples, FLA] — The world’s first accredited, public virtual reality K-12 school Optima Academy Online (OAO) receives official NCAA approval for its courses, ensuring its academic program meets the rigorous standards set by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) for student-athletes aspiring to participate in NCAA-sanctioned college sports.   

Optima Academy Online embraces the responsibility of supporting its existing and growing student-athlete population by offering a robust selection of NCAA-approved courses, providing academic counseling tailored to their athletic aspirations, and facilitating the submission of required documents to the NCAA Eligibility Center. OAO will also monitor student progress closely, communicate with the NCAA as needed, and offer guidance to student-athletes, helping them understand and meet eligibility criteria effectively.  

“Gaining NCAA approval for our courses allows us to continue to support our current and growing student-athlete population as they prepare for their next steps in their education journey,” Head of School, Dan Sturdevant, said. “With several bright athletic stars already in our ranks, we hope this approval will help other rising student-athletes find a home in our supportive school structure that is as flexible as their schedule needs it to be, so they can focus on their incredible talents without sacrificing their education.”  

Students, parents and OAO staff play a vital role in maintaining NCAA eligibility for enrolled student-athletes. Parents actively ensure their student-athlete meets academic requirements, including completing core courses and maintaining a satisfactory GPA. Parents also oversee the registration process with the NCAA Eligibility Center, providing essential documentation, such as transcripts and test scores, for eligibility certification. Through this collaborative effort, OAO is committed to empowering students to achieve their academic and athletic goals as they pursue dreams of collegiate sports. 

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